Restitution Resolution | Federal Restitution Resolution Attorney

restitution resolution

Restitution Resolution How the federal government seeks more than just prison time: “I’ve done my time. Now the government wants my money. Will I ever be able to get my life on track?” As opposed to asset forfeiture, federal restitution is a punishment objective designed to repay crime victims as opposed to enriching the Government. … Read moreRestitution Resolution | Federal Restitution Resolution Attorney

Federal Clemency and Pardon

federal clemency and pardon

Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution grants the President the power to pardon offenses. Over the years, federal clemency and pardon has been among the least-often used powers of the President. However, the recent attention on disproportionate sentences has prompted changes in federal clemency. Deputy Attorney General James Cole recently announced that … Read moreFederal Clemency and Pardon