Varghese Summersett Criminal Justice Scholarship

Varghese Summersett is a Fort Worth criminal defense law firm that focuses on state and federal criminal matters. All of our partners have been either state or federal prosecutors and now practice criminal law exclusively. Our careers reflect our love for the criminal justice system, although we constantly strive to improve an imperfect system.

We are pleased to offer two scholarships to law school students who have demonstrated a commitment to improving the criminal justice system. To apply, write an essay telling us who you are and how you have dedicated yourself to improving the criminal justice system.

Jane Scribner

Mailing Address
300 Throckmorton Street, Suite 1650
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Email Address
[email protected]

Application Deadline
July 1, 2018.

Number of Awards
Two per year

Scholarship Amount
$300, $500, or $1,000 as determined by the award committee.

Applicant Requirements
Undergraduate or law student.

Scholarship Announcements
Scholarship recipients will receive notification by email of their award. Their names and awards will be reflected below, beginning in 2017.

Application Process
To apply for the Varghese Summersett Criminal Justice Scholarship, write an essay of no more than 2,000 words describing who you are and your commitment to improving the criminal justice system. Email your essay in a PDF document to [email protected] or mail it to Jane Scribner at the address listed above.

2017  Scholarship Recipients

Recipient: Brittany Courville
Selected by Scholarship Committee: $1,000
Undergraduate: Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge
Law School: University of Pennsylvania Law School

Recipient: Melisa Hrnjic
First Place Online Voting Award: $1,000
: University of South Florida
Law School: Western Michigan University Cooley Law School

Recipient: Aaron Parnas
Second Place Online Voting Award: $500
Undergraduate: Florida Atlantic University
Law School: George Washington University Law School

 2017 Varghese Summersett Criminal Justice Scholarship – Online Competition

2017 Online Competition