Fort Worth DWI Arrests

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Are you looking for someone who has been recently been arrested for DWI in Fort Worth? Here’s where to start:

  1. Once a person is arrested by the Fort Worth Police Department, they are going to be transported to get breath test at the Fort Worth Police Department or to get a blood test at a local hospital. You will not be able to secure their release during this time because the investigation is ongoing.
  2. After a specimen has been obtained the arrestee will be transported to the Tarrant County Corrections Center.
  3. While the person is at the Tarrant County Jail, and before the bond is set, it may be possible to get them out of jail using a Writ of Habeas Corpus. However, it may not always be possible to secure a writ, depending on the availability of a judge who is willing to sign the writ. Writs are also very expensive. As a result, they are very uncommon.
  4. Individuals arrested in Tarrant County are commonly moved to Mansfield Jail.
  5. Talk to an attorney to determine whether posting a cash bond or going through a bondsman is the best choice in your particular situation. Click here for information on DWIs in Fort Worth.
  6. The arrestee will be arraigned by a magistrate judge, who will also set a bond. Once a bond is set, any bondsman can post a bond for the arrestee.
  7. Whether the arrestee is held downtown at the Tarrant County Jail or in Mansfield, your attorney can post a Cash Bond downtown to secure release, or a bondsman can post the bond for you.

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