Common Traffic Offenses in Texas

A traffic offense is often the basis for a stop which in turn becomes a critical moment in charging you with a criminal offense. Occasionally police officers make mistakes and stop individuals without reasonable suspicion. It is important to have a defense attorney who understands the offenses and has experience challenging stops and arrests through the Motion to Suppress process. The following are the most common traffic offenses in Texas. They are found in Sections 544, 545, 547, 548, and 550 of the Transportation Code.

Absence of License Plate LightTransportation Code §547.322
Compliance with Traffic Control DeviceTransportation Code §544.004
Defective Tail LampTransportation Code §547.322
Displaying Fictitious Inspection StickerTransportation Code §548.603
Driving at an Unsafe SpeedTransportation Code §545.351
Driving on Improved ShoulderTransportation Code §545.058
Driving Through Drive Way – Parking LotTransportation Code §545.422
Driving too slowTransportation Code §545.363
Driving with operators view obstructedTransportation Code §545.417
Driving without headlightsTransportation Code §547.302
Failure to display inspection stickerTransportation Code §548.602
Failure to Drive within a Single LaneTransportation Code §545.060
Failure to Drive within Single Lane/Unsafe lane changeTransportation Code §545.060
Failure to signal stop/sudden stopTransportation Code §545.105
Failure to wear seat beltTransportation Code §545.413
Failure to Yield Right of Way at intersectionTransportation Code §545.153
Failure to/Improper Yield to Emergency VehicleTransportation Code §545.156
Following to Closely behind another vehicleTransportation Code §545.062
Improper backing of vehicleTransportation Code §545.415
Improper stop/Failure to stop at intersectionTransportation Code §545.151
Improper stopping/parking (i.e. in an intersection)Transportation Code §545.302
Improper turn at IntersectionTransportation Code §545.101
Improper use or of Failure to use turn signalTransportation Code §545.104
Leaving Vehicle UnattendedTransportation Code §545.404
Operating a vehicle in dangerous mechanical conditionTransportation Code §548.604
Passing a School BusTransportation Code §545.066
Passing in a “No Passing” ZoneTransportation Code §545.055
Racing on a HighwayTransportation Code §545.420
Reckless DrivingTransportation Code §545.401
Speed Limits when not otherwise postedTransportation Code §545.352
Striking Fixture or Highway LandscapingTransportation Code §550.025
Striking Unattended VehicleTransportation Code §550.024
Tinted WindowsTransportation Code §547.613
Transporting child in bed of pick up truckTransportation Code §545.414
Transporting Child without child safety seatTransportation Code §545.412
Unsafe Passing to the left of another vehicle:Transportation Code §545.053
Unsafe Passing to the right of another vehicle:Transportation Code §545.057



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