Learn more about FAIP in Tarrant County

FAIP is the Felony Alcohol Intervention Program in Tarrant County. If you have been arrested for repeated intoxication-related offenses and are facing a felony DWI case in Tarrant County, you may qualify for the Felony Alcohol Intervention Program. The program can also help you recover from a life of addiction and avoid penitentiary time for a DWI felony repetition.

Felony Alcohol Intervention Program in Tarrant County


  • No prior 3(g) offenses, Intoxication Assault, Intoxication Manslaughter
  • Must speak English
  • Cannot still be serving a previous sentence
  • Not excluded if picks up a new case, unless that case is caused by alcohol.
  • Generally no unrelated pending cases
  • Applicant must want help with alcohol addiction


  • If eligible, then sent a letter
  • Schedule interview w/in 45 days of letter and 90 days of case being filed
  • If accepted, then must plea to DWI-Felony Repetition 7 year probated for 4 years with FAIP conditions.
  • Case is transferred to CDC3 for term of probation and any revocations

FAIP Conditions:

  • $1,350 fine
  • 7 years probated for 4 years
  • 10-day continuous custody
  • Substance Abuse Assessment
  • Follow recommended treatment
  • 160 hours of Community Service
  • Interlock
  • Driver’s License suspended (to be reinstated with an Occupational License)
  • FAIP specific classes like Alcoholics Anonymous and Partner in Recovery
  • Restitution for any accident
  • Maintain full-time job 40 hours or more.

FAIP Phases:

  • Phase One: 3 months: 90 AA in 90 days, coming to FAIP every work on Monday morning
  • Phase Two: Treatment (approximately 4 months)
  • Phase Three: Consistent Maintenance (approximately 6 months)
  • Phase Four Continuing Care (approximately 8 months)
  • Phase Five (Aftercare) in the community to complete the remainder of their 4-year probation term.
  • Every advancement gets benefit: Community service waived, Vacation from meetings, etc.

Non-Compliance Sanctions:

  • Admonishment in FAIP Court
  • Loss of privileges
  • Work assignments
  • Increased supervision
  • Demotion of phase advancements
  • Days in jail
  • Relapse Sanction

Revocations: 7-year sentence

  • Absconders
  • Any new felony arrest
  • People who can’t work the program/keep a job/etc.
  • Conduct threatening program: Forging AA sign-in


  • Low Recidivism rate: 2%
  • Must cheaper than standard probation
  • Less jail time
  • Less probation
  • 15% recidivism

The Tarrant County Felony Alcohol Intervention Program (FAIP) is a post-adjudication program for the high-risk repeat DWI offender. We have had clients successfully enter Tarrant County FAIP with exceptional results. To find out how we can help you, contact at (817) 203-2220 or contact us online: