There are very few instances in which a killing will be prosecuted by the federal government. Surprisingly, however, there are actually a number of statutes that allow for federal prosecution of a death including:

18 USC 1111 Murder

18 USC 1112 Manslaughter

18 USC 1113 Attempt to commit murder or manslaughter

18 USC 1114 Protection of officers and employees of the United States

18 USC 1115 Misconduct or neglect of ship officers

18 USC 1116 Murder or manslaughter of foreign officials, official guests, or internationally protected persons

18 USC 1117 Conspiracy to murder

18 USC 1118 Murder by a Federal prisoner

18 USC 1119 Foreign murder of United States nationals

18 USC 1120 Murder by escaped prisoners

18 USC 1121 Killing persons aiding Federal investigations or State correctional officers

18 USC 1122 Protection against the human immunodeficiency virus


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