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How Varghese Summersett became the Trusted Name in Criminal Defense

All of the firm’s senior attorneys have individually tried over 100 cases to juries in Tarrant County. Combined, we have tried over 550 criminal cases to juries in state and federal court and we have handled thousands more. We have built a reputation for relentless, unwavering criminal defense. Hundreds of cases we have defended have resulted in dismissals, no-bills, and acquittals. Over time, we have acquired over 150 5-star Google reviews and over 250 5-star reviews universally. Prosecutors and judges know that when we walk into a courtroom to defend our clients, we bring our A-game. The reputation we’ve built has taken decades to cultivate and we use all our talents, skills, and experience to work for you.

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The Top Five Reasons to Hire Our Criminal Defense Lawyers

  1. Board Certified Criminal Law (Anna, Steve, Letty, Tanya) and Criminal Appellate Specialists (Tanya)
  2. Former State (Tarrant and Dallas) and Federal Prosecutors
  3. Former Chiefs of Specialized Child Victim Units
  4. Over 550 Criminal Jury Trials (State and Federal)
  5. Hundreds of Dismissals, No-Bills, No-Files, and Acquittals.

Free Consultations: The Best Way to Find a Criminal Defense Attorney

Your first instinct may be to Google “best criminal defense attorney” in your quest to find the best attorney for your case. Frankly, we would probably do the same thing. It’s a good place to start, but we strongly recommend you talk to the attorneys on your short list. We believe so strongly that the best attorney for your case is the attorney who you build the strongest rapport with and have the most confidence in, that we offer free over-the-phone and in-person consultations.

When you’re facing a criminal allegation, you’re facing the biggest problem in your life. We get that. We understand it is quite literally the entire weight of the government and all of their resources that is bearing down on you. It is in that place – between you and the government – where we are proudest to stand. We believe the best arguments – to a jury, judge, or prosecutors – are those that come from the heart. Our ability to make the most-effective arguments begins with understanding who you are and what your goals are.

When you talk to us, you will find we tell it as it is. We don’t want every case that walks in the door. We want to work with clients who understand the problem they are facing and are willing to follow our advice to get the best possible result. If you are looking for the cheapest (or most expensive) attorney, we’re not the attorneys for you. If you believe you dictate the course of your defense, as opposed to relying on the 100+ years of experience your attorneys bring to the table, you might be able to find that attorney elsewhere. What we bring to the table is a powerful defense team with an enormous amount of experience successfully handling criminal cases and attorneys who are a formidable presence in the courtroom. We’ve been trusted by judges, lawyers, doctors, police officers, pilots, teachers, and high-profile clients when they were facing criminal charges. We will give you our all when all you have is at stake.

Call us at (817) 203-2220.

A Proactive Defense is Your Best Defense

Our team of Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys are former state and federal prosecutors who have become highly-regarded criminal defense attorneys. From the first phone call, you find we are different. Our dismissals, no-bills, and not guilty verdicts stem from our proactive and relentless approach to criminal defense. Find out why we have been chosen by professionals, athletes, police officers, and even elected officials as the best criminal defense attorneys to represent them: Why Us.

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DWI Defense

Our Fort Worth DWI Lawyers represent individuals against intoxication charges ranging from DWI to Intoxication Manslaughter and in cases involving alcohol, drugs, prescription medication and serious injury or death.

Sexual Assault Defense

Our team of Fort Worth sexual assault attorneys includes former chief sexual assault and child sexual assault prosecutors from the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office. We have successfully defended these charges resulting in dismissals, no-bills, reductions, and acquittals.

Marijuana and Drug Defense

We defend federal drug chargespossession of controlled substance charges, and possession of marijuana charges that can have serious penalties ranging from misdemeanors to felonies with special punishment ranges.

Child Sexual Assault Allegation Defense

Allegations of child sexual abuse, including online solicitationimproper educator-student relationships, and child pornography can have devastating consequences. Our attorneys have successfully defended individuals against false accusations.


Federal Criminal Defense

Our federal defense attorneys are former federal prosecutors are adept at defending individuals accused of federal crimes. Find out how having experienced a federal criminal defense attorney by your side may make all the difference.

White Collar Defense

The former federal prosecutors at our office are experienced in defending complex federal white collar allegations including criminal tax caseschild pornography charges, and securities cases. We also defend against assets forfeitures and assist with federal restitution resolution.

Fraud Defense

One of the most common offenses charged by federal prosecutors is fraud. This can take the form of healthcare fraudwire fraudmoney laundering, mortgage fraud among many others. Our team of former federal prosecutors is adept at picking apart the alleged money trail and mounting successful defenses.

Federal Drug Conspiracies

Federal prosecutors are aggressively pursuing drug conspiracy cases for methamphetamine, opioids, and synthetic marijuana. Our attorneys are known for mounting an equally aggressive defense.

Meet Our Criminal Defense Team

Varghese Summersett PLLC was named the Best Law Firm by readers of the Star-Telegram in 2018.

Fort Worth DWI Lawyers

When you’re looking for a DWI lawyer, the most important quality to look for is actual trial experience in DWIs. We have tried over 200 intoxication-related cases in Texas ranging from a Class B misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated to felony intoxication manslaughter cases involving multiple deaths. We’ve handled cases ranging from pure-alcohol to drugs and alcohol to prescription drugs and even pure drug cases. We’ve tried breath test cases, blood test cases, and total refusals. We’ve gone to trial on felony DWI repetition cases and prevented the state from convicting the accused. It would be hard to imagine a DWI or intoxication-related case that we haven’t handled.

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI, you are facing far more than just the criminal consequences of a DWI. As we outline in our in-depth DWI defense page, there are a huge number of collateral consequences to a DWI charge including license suspension, thousands of dollars in surcharges, and a possible the requirement to have an interlock on any vehicle you drive.

Our attorneys were selected as one of the best DWI lawyers in Fort Worth by Expertise and Benson Varghese has been designated as a “Top Rated DUI-DWI Lawyer in Fort Worth” by Super Lawyers. He has also a contributor to National College for DUI Defense.

If you’ve been charged with a DWI or any other intoxication-related offense in Tarrant County or any surrounding county, contact us at (817) 203-2220 for a free consultation.

We Listen

We Listen. Varghese Summersett PLLC

When the entire weight of the prosecution and all the resources at their disposal come bearing down on you, the only thing standing between you and them is us.

We believe that people come to us with the greatest problems in their lives, and we strive to treat them with the respect, patience, and diligence that such cases deserve. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, we encourage you to call us for a free consultation.

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