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Varghese Summersett PLLC has become a go-to firm for individuals charged with the most serious of criminal offenses. The attorneys at Varghese Summersett PLLC bring together over 75 years of experience in criminal law through attorneys who have collectively tried over 550 jury trials, a staggering number by any measure. Yet the ability to command the courtroom and hundreds of successful trial results is just the beginning of why the firm has a reputation of excellence.

Our firm believes that proactivity and preparation pay dividends in the form of superior results in and outside of the courtroom, from no-bills and dismissals to plea negotiations and acquittals in trial. We believe that our criminal justice system only works when the person accused receives the best possible defense.

Varghese Summersett PLLC remains at the forefront of criminal defense in numerous measurable ways:

If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a state or federal criminal offense, put the experience of Varghese Summersett PLLC on your side. Call us today at (817) 203-2220.

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