Varghese Summersett is a team of highly experienced criminal defense attorneys. All our Partners are former state or federal prosecutors. Together we have over 100 years of experience handling exclusively criminal cases, and we have tried over 550 cases to juries in Texas ranging from DWIs to Capital Murder.

Meet Our Attorneys


Benson Varghese

Managing Partner

Benson Varghese is the founder and Managing Partner of the firm. His philosophy has become a cornerstone of the firm: treat every client with the understanding they are facing the biggest problem in their life. This client-first approach has led the firm to have more 5-star reviews than any other criminal defense firm handling misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Benson has tried more than 100 cases to juries in Texas, including both state and federal jury trials.

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Anna Summersett Criminal Defense Attorney

Anna Summersett


Anna Summersett is a Partner at the firm. She has also tried over 100 cases to juries in Texas. Anna is Board Certified in Criminal Law making her a specialist in the area. Less than 1 percent of attorneys in the state are Board Certified in Criminal Law.

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Christy Jack Attorney

Christy Jack


Christy Jack is a nationally-renowned trial attorney. She is known for her skills in the courtroom and her meticulous preparation outside of the courtroom. She is often invited to speak, teach, and chair state-wide events educating criminal defense attorneys.

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Letty Martinez Attorney

Letty Martinez


Letty Martinez is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney. She is known for her experience defending child sexual assault cases and adult sexual assault allegations. She is also a frequent speaker on these topics.

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Steve Jumes AttorneySteve Jumes


Steve Jumes is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney. He is also a former federal prosecutor. He regularly handles federal criminal defense, white collar defense, asset forfeitures, and restitution resolution.

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Alex Thornton Criminal Defense Attorney

Alex Thornton


Alex Thornton is an Associate with the firm. She has handled matters ranging from Administrative License Revocations to a jury trial for a client charged with murder. She also guides many of our clients through diversion programs.

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Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rajeev Sunkara


Rajeev Sunkara is an Associate with the firm. He regularly handles asset forfeitures and restitution resolution matters. He also handles criminal cases throughout the state of Texas. Rajeev is also the only attorney at the firm that handles parole cases.

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Rachel Taft Criminal Defense Attorney

Rachel Taft


Rachel Taft is an Associate with the firm. Her practice focuses on federal and state criminal defense matters.¬† She is the firm’s go-to attorney for expunctions and nondisclosures.

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Deborah Bankhead

Deborah Bankhead


Deborah Bankhead is an Associate with the firm. She is very involved with cases involving allegations of assault and preparing cases for defense presentation to the grand jury.

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Tanya Dohoney Attorney

Tanya Dohoney

Of Counsel

Tanya Dohoney is double-Board Certified in Criminal Law and Criminal Appellate Law. She has handled hundreds of appeals and integral to the firm’s motion practice.

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