Mock Courtroom Prepares Clients and Witnesses for Court

mock courtroom

Practice makes perfect: Mock courtroom prepares clients and witnesses for day in court

Our attorneys have tried over 550 cases in front of a jury, ranging from Driving While Intoxicated to Capital Murder. And while each case is different, one thing remains constant: preparation is key.

Varghese Summersett is the only criminal defense firm in Fort Worth with a mock courtroom, giving attorneys and clients another tool in their arsenal to prepare for trials and hearings. The state-of-the-art courtroom, located in the interior of the 8,200 square foot office, resembles a traditional courtroom, complete with a jury box, judge’s bench, witness stand, and counsel tables. The space allows clients and witnesses to practice and prepare for courtroom proceedings in a realistic environment.

Mock courtroom helps decrease client and witness anxiety

Many clients and defense witnesses have never stepped foot in a courtroom and are, understandably, anxious about going to court and possibly testifying for the first time. The practice courtroom exposes them to a setting that looks and feels like the real thing.

Not only are clients educated about courtroom procedures, etiquette, and conduct, but their attorneys put them through their paces on the witness stand. This hands-on approach not only identifies potential issues, but it greatly eases clients’ anxiety and readies them for their day in court.

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Mock courtroom is ideal for training

Having a space where attorneys and interns can collaborate, train and mentor each other has proved to be invaluable. On Friday afternoons, the Varghese Summersett team often gather in the mock courtroom, which is located on the 16 floor of One City Place in downtown Fort Worth. The team practices delivering opening and closing statements, fine-tuning direct and cross-examinations, and just honing their overall trial skills. The exchange of ideas and feedback provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of cases.

Not only has the mock courtroom helped Varghese Summersett produce better results for clients, but the firm also makes the space available to other attorneys, students or groups who want to conduct mock trials. To view or reserve the Varghese Summersett mock courtroom, call 817-203-2220 or contact us online.

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