Tarrant County RISE Diversion Program

Have you struggled with addiction, drug dependency, or mental illness while struggling through a life of prostitution?  The Tarrant County Reaching Independence through Self Empowerment, otherwise known as RISE, could be your chance to start over and become self-sufficient.

“Giving a woman who has been living on the streets some options is much better than throwing her in jail.”  – Joan Rycraft, retired University of Texas Arlington Social Worker.

PURPOSE: Reaching Independence through Self Empowerment (RISE) seeks to intervene in the lives of women who have a long history of addiction and mental illness whose common thread is a record filled with arrests for prostitution.

ELIGIBLE: Women charged with felony or misdemeanor level offenses with an expressed desire to change from a life of prostitution and enter upon a path of treatment, stabilization, and rehabilitation.

INELIGIBLE: Screening process will weed out applicants with past violent behavior and low desire for cognitive change.

BENEFITS: The RISE program provides housing, education, job training, and employment and addresses underlying causing drug, mental health and economic issues with long-term therapy and supervision by social workers, attorneys, and probation officers.

If you believe you might be a candidate for the RISE Diversion Program, contact our attorneys today at (817) 203-2220 or online.

Presiding Judge: Brent Carr, County Criminal Court Number Nine

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