Tarrant County Court Parking

Tarrant County Court Parking | Tarrant County Juror Parking

Tarrant County Court Parking

All the non-traffic criminal courts in downtown Fort Worth are located at 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas, 76196, inside the Tim Curry Justice Center. This is also the location of the Central Jury Room. Provided below is information on Tarrant County Court Parking for individuals summoned to court for jury service or to appear in a criminal court.

where to park for Tarrant County Court

There is no free parking near the Tim Curry Justice Center and parking meters fill up quickly. Below is a list of parking meters, lots, and garage close to the Tim Curry Justice Center and the hourly or daily rates for parking.parking for tarrant county courts

Parking LocationTypeCostDistance from CourthouseTypical full by:
Belknap Street MetersTwo-Hour Meters$1.25/hourAdjacent7:30 AM
Weatherford Street MetersTwo-Hour Meters$1.25/hourAdjacent7:30 AM
Taylor Street MetersTwo-Hour Meters$1.25/hourOne to two blocks8:00 AM
Throckmorton MetersTwo-Hour Meters$1.25/hourThree blocks8:00 AM
Florence MetersFour-Hour Meters$0.75 per hourTwo to Three blocks8:00 AM
First Street MetersTen-Hour Meters$0.30 per hourSeven blocks9:00 AM
Second Street MetersTen-Hour Meters$0.30 per hourFive blocks9:00 AM
Third Street MetersTen-Hour Meters$0.30 per hourSix blocks9:00 AM
City Place Parking Garage (100 Throckmorton Street)Garage$15/dayAdjacent--
501 Weatherford/200 West Second StreetParking Lots$20/dayAdjacent--

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Tarrant County Juror Parking

You can use your jury summons or current juror badge and ride free on any T BUS/Trolley or even the TRE. Tarrant County jurors may park for free at La Grave Field located off North Main at 301 N.E. 6th Street, Fort Worth, Texas. A shuttle bus will transport jurors from LaGrave Field to the Tim Curry Justice Center. The route that runs from La Grave Field to Downtown is on Route 15. (It was formerly Route 1.) The buses run weekdays every 15 minutes from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. If the court keeps you late and there are concerns you may not make it to the bus stop on time, the court will generally have the Sheriff’s Department drive you to your car.

la grave parking and bus

parking for tarrant county jurors

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