sex offender registration in Texas

Sex Offender Registration Requirements in Texas

The Texas Legislature passed laws requiring juvenile and adult sex offenders to register with local law enforcement agencies if they have a “reportable conviction or adjudication. The first law requiring registration went into effect in 1991, but six years later, the 75th Legislature codified the registration as Article 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The biggest change made in 1997 was that the duty to register and the Article 62 laws apply retroactively to sex offenders convicted on or after September 1, 1970. Also, the courts and prison officials are required to inform those put on probation or released from prison that they have a duty to register and then must obtain a sign statement from those individuals saying that they were informed.

Who, then, has a duty to register after the 1997 changes? The chart below outlines what offenses, if convicted of, require a person to register as sex offender. Additionally, the chart indicates the registration length and notes whether the offense is considered a sexually violent offense, as defined by Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 62.001.

How long will I have to register as a sex offender for in Texas?

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How to Register as a Sex Offender

A person who has a reportable conviction shall register, not later than the seventh day after the person’s arrival in the municipality or county or the first date the local law enforcement authority of the municipality or county by policy allows the person to register or verify registration, as applicable.

The person shall register with the local law enforcement authority in any municipality where the person resides or intends to reside for more than seven days.

Information Required for Sex Offender Registration in Texas

·      The person’s full name
·      Date of birth
·      Sex
·      Race
·      Height
·      Eye Color
·      Hair Color
·      Social Security
·      Driver’s License
·      Shoe Size
·      Address
·      Recent Photograph
·      Employment Information

Deregistration as a Sex Offender

Later the Texas Legislature then added Articles 62.401 through 62.408 to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. These articles govern deregistration from the sex offender registry. A person may only be eligible for deregistration if they only have one reportable conviction or adjudication and if their minimum registration length exceeds the minimum registration period under the federal law.

If you have been charged with an offense that might result in sex offender registration or if you have been registering for years and believe you qualify for deregistration, call our attorneys at (817) 203-2220.